MR21: Interview with Halfbreed of

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red pill game

Hey Guys, Jumped on the show last night with Halfbreed from, very cool guy. We chatted about game, relationships, his book the Red Pill Orgasm along with various special details from the book. Been busy lately but want to be able to post up one interview a week. Enjoy.

On Today’s Show (with full timeline breakdown!):

00:00 – Intro: Halfbreed from Red Pill Game is here.

00:50 – The challenges of regular blogging.

03:53 – How Halfbreed Found the Manosphere and his thoughts on taking the Red Pill.

03:58 – Shout out to the old Fast Seduction Forums.

04:10 – Blackdragon shout out.

05:20 – Roosh V shout out.

05:25 – Shout out to Krauser.

05:36 – Why every man should read The Misandry Bubble.

06:20 – More thoughts on Taking The Red Pill.

09:34 - Parents and Game.

09:40 – What my parents think about Red Pill Game.

10:40 – Discussing the new eBook, Red Pill Orgasm.

12:10 – The importance of making her cum.

12:28 – How most sex advice is blue pill bullshit.

13:01 – Why sexual dominance is key in relationships!

15:00 – Girls who can’t cum.

16:55 – Anal Orgasms.

20:41 – Tai Chi, Chi Kung and their benefits for good sex.

22:28 – The basics and benefits of energy work.

22:49 – Experiencing multiple male orgasms, how to orgasm without ejaculation.

27:50 – One night stands vs. Relationships.

29:30 – On going public, costs vs. benefits for a Manosphere writer.

30:40 – Why attacking publicly attacking feminists is not worth it.

33:23 – Girls who like sex in public, the thrill of getting caught.

34:31 – Choking girls during sex.

36:33 – Joining The Red Wing Club.

37:39 – Stepping up your sex game.

37:50 – Energy work revisited.

38:20 – Pushing girls further.

39:33 – Making Love vs. Fucking.

39:49 – Exploring the Sets Of Nine.

41:48 – Thanks!

42:11 – Read the blog at and get the eBook at!

MR20: Interview with Mike of

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Hey Guys, A little slow on the posting for this. Real life sucked me in for a bit and things got a little hectic. Finally getting some time to post up some content and record new posts. I was very excited to have Mike from on the show. I consider him an icon in terms of “manosphere” blogging (even though he doesn’t associate so much under that term). In the show we talk about energy work and NLP, changing your life, success and how people make things happen and others don’t. I have a special bonus but you have to email me at to get it. Enjoy.

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MR019: Interview with Kid of

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Today on the show I’m joined by Kid Strangelove of A manosphere blogger since 2010, he writes weekly on online dating, dating in New York, working out with Cross-fit or the best of the manosphere.

I have him on the show today to discuss his background and how he got into the game, his views on the manosphere, personal strategies to OkCupid, love for CrossFit for workouts and the breaking of bad habits.

Enter Kid Strangelove:

After listening to the interview, I realized that I was a little over hyper, might have missed a few things, glossed over a few things, etc. So here are some details, links that I discussed, annotations, expanded explanations, and all the other good stuff. Enjoy!

 0:00 – Hi everyone, Kid Strangelove in the house (

2:00 – How I started, and a book recommendation from Neil Strauss – Emergency, even though I diss him two seconds later. Also no, I will not share my mASF posts

4:50 – My most popular blog post -  the “I didn’t Rape You Text”.

6:15 – Getting into the Manosphere and getting out of “PUA Mode”, shoutouts to Roissy, Roosh, PUAHate.

BONUS:  didn’t mention this on the interview, but “Agree and Amplify” is one of the most simple, effective, and easiest game strategies to implement. Check out  Heartiste’s post where he introduces it

7:20 – the Gawker post in question

8:00 – More personal stuff, just a traditional Russian immigrant with “nice guy issues”

10:15 – The SomethingAwful post that led to my discovery of the seduction community

13:34 – a little bit about “Niche game”. If you have a nerdy habit, and that habit has a convention or any other type of gathering, a little game will put you leagues ahead of everyone else.

14:30 – the heartiste post I mentioned. If there’s one thing you want to show your friends to get them into game – its this- candidate #3

16:00 – the video Dagonet posted that we discussed – Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys - a must watch

17:50 – Here are the blogs, writers and sites I mentioned:

Good looking loser (and the Tosh.0 video )

The Red Pill Subreddit

Athlone McGinnis

Quintus Curtius

19:45 – The top 10 Manosphere posts of the week can be found here - also the ode to the fitness booty.

22:22 – the Eminem song in question – So Far

23:30 – My first Return of Kings post – The Truth about women in STEM

Online Dating:

26:45 – The Online dating section begins. A little history of my online dating exploits

29:25 – if you’re interested in the 2nd OKCupid search algorithm hack, hit me up on twitter @kidstrangelove and I will DM you the info. I keep this one rather guarded so I don’t want it out in the open.

31:00 – Why everyone should try online dating.

35:35 – The Cracked Online dating article and the reply discussed can be found here

37:45 – Tips on setting up an attractive profile – Dos and Donts of your profile pictures and text

45:00 – The worst possible thing on a guys online dating profile. Don’t make this mistake

48:20 – Messaging – sending an awesome first message, what to avoid, and the “targeted copy/paste” – my effective messaging formula.

51:20 – Transitioning to a date – it’s  easy.

54:00 – Some site specific tips to make your profile more visible and get you more dates.

56:00 – A bad dating story or two

Fitness and Crossfit

1:00:35 – Fitness section begins. My history with fitness can be found here

1:07:14 – Discovering Crossfit and why I loved it, and how it made everything else fall into place

1:12:14 – Tips, tricks, mindsets and motivations for fitness

1:16:15 – Paralysis by Analysis in fitness and how to avoid it.

1:19:20 – Peter mentions Kinobody – check it out at

1:20:20 – We discuss the infamous Kevin Ogar snatch accident video. WARNING: it’s gruesome.

If you would like to contribute to the Kevin Ogar Recovery fund you can do so here.

1:23:15 – Avoiding injury and how to handle the Crossfit high rep weight lifting workouts.

1:24:30 – the workout I’m referring to is called “Diane” – here is a video

Breaking Bad Habits and “No Nothing November”

1:28:20 – Intro to “No Nothing November”

To see all of my posts on the topic, go here.

For a summary of the lessons that I learned, go here.

1:31:40 – Strategies, tips and tricks for giving up bad habits.

1:34:35 – The next vice to quit – cigarettes. And what no anti smoking message tells you

1:37:20 – Macking – the ultimate form of relaxation

Twitter questions

1:38:00 – Questions from LaidNYC, and another online opener.

1:40:20 – “If you could go back and talk to teenage Kid Strangelove, what advice would you give him?”

1:43:40 – I finally explain where the name Kid Strangelove comes from.


Thanks again for checking out the interview, I hope you had as much fun listening to it as I had participating in it. I would like to make two final plugs.

The first plug is for Groupon. There are lots of gyms out there, from Crossfit, to Jiu Jitsu, to fencing, boxing, cycling, rock climbing, pools, etc, and groupon allows you to sample these gyms and workouts at a much lower cost, so that hopefully you too can find your fitness passion. Plus, this is a referral link, so by creating a groupon account from it you are helping me and my blog out, so I’d have more time, money, and motivation to make more and more awesome content and the circle of love would continue.

The second plug, even though I have mentioned this before, is the Kevin Ogar Recovery fund. Let’s help this guy out.

Thanks again for listening!  If you enjoyed the show please comment or drop us  a line!

- Pete


MR018: Interview with Chris of

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Hey Guys,
I’m proud to share one of the most comprehensive interviews I’ve recorded. Over 2 hours of pure almost un-editied content shared by Chris of, who shares his perspective on self-improvement, obstacles and rejection, game, retaining friends-with benefits, using kratom and listener questions. If you manage to at least peep 20 minutes of this interview it will change your life for the better. Enjoy.

On Today’s Show (with full timeline breakdown!):

0:00 – Intro:  Chris from is here

About Chris

2:30 - About Chris from Good Looking Loser

5:30 – Why Chris calls himself “Good Looking Loser” (He was a good looking guy in his teens and 20’s, did some modeling, won a dating show – but couldn’t get the girls that he thought were super sexy). Just another good looking kid underachieving with girls because he was a semi-loner and a pussy.

How Guy Can Be More than a Good Looking Loser?

8:30 – Insecurity is a great motivator (at first). Run with it.

10:10 – Guys in LA do nothing but cocaine and sleep with girls.

11:40 – Chris never really wanted to create Good Looking Loser – for a few reasons.

13:40 – How can you be more than a “Good Looking Loser” (underachieving in your sex life).

14:05 – Being honest with yourself.

14:20 – Overcoming validation seeking will be the biggest obstacle for some guys, it was big for me.

17:00 – “Rock Bottom” isn’t always a bad point to hit.

18:00 – A significant problem with “self-improvement” and trying to better yourself.

Obsession with self-improvement can delay your results.

21:05 – “Above-Average” (looks, style, social freedom) is all you need to be to appeal to the majority of hot girls. If you have 2 that are above-average you are probably a “Top 10%” guy.

23:30 – “Numbers Game: What Are Your REAL Odds?” that Pete references.

24:30 – You will not regret failure – you WILL regret not trying or being a pussy.

27:05 – “Work Smarter Not Harder” myth. (early stages)

30:15 – “Your Redshirt Year” – first year of anything is for experience, not results.

31:30 – Pete and Chris discuss “Nothing in Moderation” and the importance of having ONE GOAL and never multitasking.

33:30 – If you thought your 2013 was an unproductive failure – we know the reason why.

34:45 – Chris’ current lifestyle – not what some people think.

36:00 – Long-term goal = Short-term goal + Short-term goal + Short-term

36:30 – Perspective on “failure” and “rejection”

39:30 What your 20’s are for.

40:45 What makes Good Looking Loser, successful online business “work” for me

42:15 The main thing guys NEED to know about “game’ = Sexual Availability for ‘above-average’ guys.

46:00 What is actually going with “rejection” – it’s not your looks or game.

46:20 Hot, sexually active girls have already fucked a guy who is uglier than you.

47:15 “Sexual Availability” examples and reasons for rejection if your looks are above-average.

49:00 Why great looking guys get rejected (example).

50:00 Aggressive stuff = get laid more, get rejected more (screening)

52:45 How much does “game” matter? (creating attraction?)

53:40 How to improve your odds at GETTING LAID.

53:45 #1 Fundamentals get you laid, make you attractive

59:15  #2 Touching the girl (screening) tells if she’s available/DTF

1:02:30 #3 Approach girls by themselves

1:03:35 How guys that get a lot of action do it.

01:09:00 #4 Looking like a player, edgy, not like “Boyfriend Material” helps you Get Laid & Profiles of guys – Boyfriend Material, Boyfriend Potential, Scumbag.

01:11:20 #5 How to double your changes of Getting Laid!

01:13:20 Fuckbuddies and why you should fuck her for ~6 month before making her your girlfriend.

01:23:00 How to keep fuckbuddies – “Good Looking Loser: Retention”

01:38:30 How to handle Determine the Relationship (DTR) talk and emotional outbursts.

01:47:00 Does Chris have an exclusive girlfriend? (why it works)

01:49:00 Kratom discussion #Lifechanger

01:54:40 My recommendation for amazing Kratom – Happy Hippo Herbals

02:01:40 For certain guys, Kratom will drastically accelerate their life, I recommend it to you (from the mentioned vendor) in confidence and without hesitation.

02:00:25 Listener question – How do you stop picturing hot girls as “angels”?
Oprah takes a shit too. Fear of hot girls, work on your Sense of Entitlement

2:04:10 How do steroids affect your mood?

2:08:00 If I still wake up with boners at 25’s but want to be superhuman, should I use steroids? (anabolic perspective for newbies)

2:13:25 Thank you!

If you: enjoyed listening to the interview, found any parts extra useful, have any more questions or suggestions of people I should interview next. Feel free to email me at or flick me a message on twitter  or thank Chris for coming on the show.